3 steps to becoming an awesome photographer

There are many skills in which people want to get better, with photography leading the pack. Being able to make photos look better is a way to make memories shine more vividly, and if you want to make a career from capturing the beauty of our world, sharpening your photo-taking skills is a must.

John Kleinheinz Fort Worth took his passion for photography and turned it into a career recently. By harnessing his free time away from work to improve his capabilities, he was able to make his dreams come true.

Want to make a career out of taking photos? Or do you just want to make your vacation pictures pop? Either way, the steps below will move you towards becoming an awesome photographer.


1) Frame the photo before shooting it


Want to shoot incredible pictures time and time again? Don’t just point and shoot – think about what you want in the shot before you commit to pressing the shutter button.

Many people see an amazing natural sight and just take loads of photos of roughly the same vista, hoping to get the miracle shot that looks incredible. However, if you want to get skilled at capturing these moments, you can’t leave things up to dumb luck.

See something you like?  Instead of spamming the trigger, take a few moments to contemplate what looks good and what would take away from its power. This way, you’ll have killer photos that won’t need much additional editing to look sharp.


2) Observe the rule of thirds in most cases


Most people think that having the main subject in the center of the shot is what one should aim for. In actuality, having key elements in the upper, lower, left, or right third of the photo is what makes amazing photos look compelling.

This phenomenon is known as the rule of thirds. It posits that subjects placed along vertical and horizontal third lines give a photo more gravity.

When you take your next picture, set it up so that your main focal point runs along the lines mentioned previously.

Look in your camera settings, as many have grid functions that makes this task easy, but eyeballing it shouldn’t be that hard, either.

Additionally, there are often grid lines in cropping functions, so you should be able to get your photos looking awesome when you edit them as well.


3) Shoot when the light is right


Getting up for sunrise is difficult, especially when you are accustomed to waking up near noon. However, light at midday sits directly overhead, making it a chore to make any pictures look good.

There are tons of people around during the middle of the day, which can take away from the pristine atmosphere you are trying to convey.

To get the best light of the day and as few humans as possible in your shots, there’s little choice but to bite the bullet and wake up with the birds. After all, you can just go back to sleep when you are done.

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