3 Things You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Injuries

Laser hair removal or intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is a popular procedure for ridding the body of unwanted hair. Many people undergo the procedure without any thought to the possible risks of this procedure. And while it is generally a safe technique to remove body hair, things could go wrong. Find out what you need to know about the possible injuries, and what you can legally do if you think your injuries were caused by the salon’s negligence.

  1. Salon Laser Treatments Are Potentially Dangerous

The first thing to be fully aware of is that all laser treatments for beauty purposes carry potential risks. The risks may be small, but they exist and for this reason anyone looking to have the procedure carried out should check that the procedure is being carried out safely.

  1. Laser Hair Removal Can Cause Burns

A laser burn is one of the most common types of injuries caused by IPL treatment. The laser contains energy, and if therefore it is used on the wrong setting, or for the wrong amount of time, this energy can cause skin damage. A poorly performed laser hair removal can scald or blemish the skin, or it could result in serious burns. This can be very painful, and cause scarring.

As well as burns, laser treatment may cause lightening or darkening of the skin, which could last for an extended period of time. If the laser is directed towards the eyes then damage can occur to the retina, which is why it is important that upmost care is taken if the treatment is being carried out on the face.

  1. Many Laser Hair Removal Injuries Can Be Prevented

It is important that laser hair removal is carried out by a professional; someone who is experienced in the procedure and who also has received the relevant training. This cuts down the risk of problems occurring due to lack of skill, or mistakes being made with the laser’s settings. Beauty salons should take the necessary measures to make sure that a client is suitable for the treatment, and that the laser is set to the correct level to match the skin and hair type of the client. It is true that many injuries caused by laser treatment can be prevented, and when injury occurs it may be due to negligence. This is when a personal injury or beauty claims lawyer would need to look at the case to see if there is the possibility of compensation.


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