Beauty tips for the spring season

20slide1_600x450With every change of season comes a set of new colors of the season, trends and whole bunch of style and beauty tips of the season. Winter has gone away and spring calls for a fresh new appearance. Here is a list of beauty tips to guide you to a bright and beautiful season ahead.


In order to make sure you wake up fresh and alert on spring mornings, include a relaxing routine during the night. Pamper yourself with an elaborate warm bubble bath, or think about your entire day quietly, or maybe listen to some music. When you do this, your brain actually starts recognising this as a signal for preparing to sleep. Aromatherapy is great for this season too. Add a touch of spring-inspired aromatherapy, like using a lavender-scented lotion before you go to bed.

Take care of the skin:

Switch to a lighter moisturiser since in this season skin often gets oilier. A lotion instead of cream is a good option. Oily skin or acne prone skin can attract a lot of trouble in this season, so use a gentle, alcohol-free astringent before moisturizing. A good sunscreen regime is a must for this season. Increase the SPF level if needed and never miss it even once in your daily skin care lineup.

Drink, drink and drink more:

By far the most essential beauty regime tip is to drink lots of water. When you’re busy working in the in the sun, you might forget hydrating your body, but make sure you keep a bottle of water handy. For more vitamins and energy numbers, you can instead consume lemonade, flavoured glucose or any other fruit juice of your choice.

Make up:

Spring is the perfect season for natural makeup. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, and keep your eye, lip, and cheek make-up colors feminine and subtle. A touch of natural-looking blush and a coat of mascara is all you need for your day look. For evenings, add drama to your make-up by lining your eyes with a soft brown pencil. It is a great season for colors! Add blues and greens to your make-up. If you have fair to medium skin, you should choose a green-blue to balance blue undertones. If you have medium to dark skin then opt for a true blue to go well with your warm yellow skin tone. Apply the shadow opaquely from your eyelash line to just above the crease to not make the eyes look bruised. Tangerine is most popular and favourite lipcolor right now. Just how the classic red ruled makeup, Tangerine soon seems to be taking its position. The citrus hue looks good on everyone, due to its warm (orange) and cool (pink) tones. Here’s a quick trick if you don’t like wearing bold lipcolor. Blur the edges with a cotton to soften your lipline. It will work wonders for you! Now that your face is done, your nails come next. Neutral nails are the recent favorite of many fashionistas rather than the traditional bright colors for spring. Why should you try them? They require little maintenance, since chips and smudges are less noticeable. A sparkling white diamond ring on these fingers will just be cherry on the cake. You can easily buy diamonds online in New York.

Stay refreshed

Spring is surely a busy time of year, but that surely doesn’t apply that you need to feel run down. Keep your energy levels up by giving yourself mini-vacations. Remember taking the relaxing routine before going to bed? You can repeat the same exercise throughout the day whenever you’re stressed or find yourself in a chaotic situation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself the most peaceful place, and feel the stress go away, or buy diamonds online in New York in your routine, or even gifting yourself an actual vacation!

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Rachel J is a beauty blogger and a professional make-up artist and stylist. She hops around famous personalities and celebrities to give them the perfect look before facing the camera. When she’s not working, she is found to buy diamonds online in New York.

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