David Turlington – How to Broaden Your Knowledge of Other Religions

Religion has been a key part of society for thousands of years and ever since humans have been on the planet, there has been a belief system of some form or another. Whilst all religions are the same in terms of worshipping a deity, the actual practicing of each of the world’s religions are very different and each features their own ways and teachings which vary from another.

We live in such a multicultural world right now that it will serve you well to follow the path of someone like David Turlington and take the time to learn about other religions and broaden your knowledge. If you want to gain a better understanding of different religions then here are some ways in which you can do it.

Go Local

If you live in an area which has mosques or synagogues or Sikh and Hindu communities then one of the best ways to educate yourself on the religion of others is to go and ask. People are very proud of their religious beliefs and are usually very open when it comes to teaching others about the religion. I have many friends in the past who have learned about other religions in this way and gained a real understanding about different beliefs.


The internet is an amazing resource when it comes to learning something new and religion is no different. There is a vast amount of information which you can unlock online about different religions from holy scriptures, textbooks and videos of people discussing the various religions and belief systems. You can use the internet to connect with people from various religions who will help you to better understand their beliefs and there are even religious services which you can find on sites such as YouTube.


If you are really serious about gaining a strong understanding of other religious beliefs then you can study theology at a school or college. There are many different courses based upon religion, some of which will teach about general religion and others will specialize in one particular belief. Such is the scale of religion there is a vast amount of texts, information and scriptures from each branch of differing religions and the best way to gain a general understanding of many religions is to take a combined course.


The purest form of religion is usually found in the country where it is most practiced and if you want to gain a real insight into a particular religion then you should consider traveling to boost your knowledge. This form of learning is not only a great way of traveling but it can also help you to understand the cultures that exist behind different religions as well as gaining an understanding where the religion was born and a little more about its history.

Religion, whichever one you believe in, is a deeply important part of the world we live in and learning more about it can help you understand much more about the world in general.

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