Eco-Friendly Home Decor Tips For Your Home

8394526520_f43e5632b1_zDid you plan to start this year on a cleaner and greener note? There are many things that we like to do better or start over afresh. How about starting a lifestyle where you minimise your carbon footprint. If you have properties in Kolkata and want to add some environmentally friendly home decor to them, then here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Tip 1: Get house plants

One of the best ways to have a fresh and green space inside your house is by getting some live house plants. Don’t despair if you think that you might forget to water them. There are quite a few hardy breeds available which require little or low maintenance.

Some of the popular varieties include pothos, spider plant, philodendron, etc. Wherever there is a sunny spot in your home, put down a houseplant and watch it come to life. It is a much better option than a vase or another showpiece.

Tip 2: Go local

If you are really serious about being eco friendly, then do your research next time you buy some furnishings for your house. While purchasing something find out where it is sourced from. Does it come from half way across the world?

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying locally made furnishings. See if you can source some locally made handicrafts by artisans. You could also go to the vintage stores and flea markets to pick up some used pieces of furniture. You could buy items like end tables, little foot stools, etc.

Tip 3: using organic paint

One of the best ways to give parts of your house an easy makeover is by taking a pot of paint and giving it a do over. However, the ordinary paint that you use has toxic chemicals and pollutes the air inside your house, making it a health hazard.

To stop this, why not use some organic paint which is relatively free of toxins? There are a few companies which sell brands of organic paints which not only makes your residential properties in Kolkata look brighter, but cleaner and fresher.

Tip 4: Environmentally friendly floors

If you want to change the flooring of your house, then there are ways to do it which make it more sustainable as well as eco friendly. Here are a few options that you can choose from:

Bamboo is a good option as it is a renewable resource and lasts for a long time as well. linoleum is a synthetic material which is relatively toxin free and has anti bacterial properties too. Most importantly, it is biodegradable as well. Cork looks good, lasts for a long time and is a water proof material too. If you are looking for that rustic wooden look , then use reclaimed wood from old barns, houses, factories, etc.

Tip 5: Be minimal with the home decor

One of the most eco friendly home decor tips is to be minimalistic with your items. The more you buy, the more you consume, and you carbon footprint as well as your use of materials increases. Buy locally sourced products as much a possible, or even DIY projects at home to create decor items for your house. Just keep in mind that less is more.

Thus these are some of the ways in which you can make your home look beautiful and fresh, spending little money and resources as is possible. These eco decisions are becoming more and more widespread as people continue to grow conscious.

About the author

Dan Smith is an interior decorator who has also worked with residential properties in Kolkata. Dan also writes home decor articles for online magazines. He loves to go hiking with his family over the weekends.


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