Investment opportunities not to miss in the 2nd half of 2017

Time flies, doesn’t it? In a blink of an eye, we are now almost to the halfway point of 2017.


It certainly hasn’t been a boring year so far, with the Trump Administration in Washington bucking conventional wisdom, acrimonious foreign relations keeping investors on edge, and the fate of our climate leading to a great deal of confusion for those trying to make a buck in the market.


The rules are being re-written in front of our eyes, and many don’t know how to act.


However, those prepared to view the world through fresh eyes will see what is happening the past half year and see plenty of opportunities for profit.

Larry Polhill has been resetting his expectations accordingly – as a grizzled veteran in the finance industry, his knowledge regarding shifts in public sentiment has allowed him to achieve amazing results for his clients over the years.

By tracking trends in the economy, he manages to get out in front of emerging waves, resulting in prodigious returns for his firm and clients.

Go to where the puck is being passed to instead of missing it in the second half of 2017 – below, we’ll profile sectors you should be targeting now.


1) Green energy


Recent news of the decision of the Trump-led White House to exit the Paris Accord may make this recommendation a tad puzzling, but bear with us.


While it initially appeared to be a crippling blow against the worldwide effort to battle climate change, the reaction of leaders from across America and around the world has proven to have been the true bellwether of the world’s commitment towards curbing global warming.


Many heads of state made statements reassuring their commitment to the pact, with some pledging to help pick up the slack that America has dropped.


However, it was the response from mayors and state governors from across the USA that makes us confident that the green energy revolution is here to stay.


From New York City to Seattle, Michigan to California, leaders were vowing to press on with carbon lowering schemes without Washington DC’s help.


These signals indicate a clear buy/hold if you are interested or are involved in solar/wind/batteries/geothermal/etc.


2) Defense


Another surprise the first half of 2017 gave us was the reversal Trump had with regards to foreign interventionism.

Many thought he was going to pull back forces from theaters around the world – instead, he recommitted to existing deployments, and has threatened to open new fronts against states such as North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

Some may be worried about the outcome of potential conflicts that may occur in the near future, but whatever ends up happening, you can expect that the US military will likely be ordering replacement munitions in the coming years.

As such, we rate publicly-listed defense contractors a buy.


3) Automation


In recent times, advancements in the automation industry have analysts predicting their widespread implementation in the near future.

As such, many workers have begun to worry about the prospect of being replaced by a robot or an algorithm.

The transportation and freight industry seems to be in the crosshairs first, as firms like Tesla and Uber are on a path to make drivers fully replaceable by sometime next decade.

While this may cause an economic disruption large enough to make measures like Universal Basic Income a rational response, the end result will make companies controlling automated cars and trucks sacks of money, as it will replace human resources with robots that never get tired.

We recommend buying while there is still a shadow of doubt over this technology, as odds for this technology’s ubiquity in the world of tomorrow are very high.

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