Perth Attractions You Should Experience By Yourself

 Going independent and travelling alone is a scary experience, one that will mould you into the type of person you want to be. Not only is it scary, but, it’s a lot of fun as well, freeing you up to experience new things and new places that were a complete mystery to you previously.

Australia is a paradise for those looking to get away and ‘find themselves’ and Perth, on the western coast of the country, may just be the location you’re looking for. Flights to Perth are some of the most sought-after travel packages nowadays; take note, however, that because of tried and tested travel companies out there, booking them can be a breeze. Experiencing Perth on your own can be a massive experience, particularly at some of these attractions:

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island lies off the coast of Western Australia and the landscape is dominated by woodland, lakes and shrubs, a wonderful little area to get away, do something a little different and, if you are in that way inclined, take some stunning photographs. It features a number of small beaches and includes some amenities such as a museum and wartime remnants as well as offering opportunities to go snorkelling.

Aussie Rules

Aussie Rules is a mystery to anyone who isn’t a true Australian. It’s a sport that seems to combine various others but is cherished throughout the nation. Perth is a massive sporting city (second only to Melbourne in Australia) and, if you’re alone and want to feel part of the community, you could do a lot worse than taking in a game at Subiaco. Go scream and shout for any of the local teams and enjoy the other sports as well, including football and, of course, cricket.

The Hills

The Hills sit up the Swan River, a little way away from the main throng of Perth. Off the beaten track, John Forrest National Park is the highlight in this neck of the woods and features astonishing shots out over the city. This is wine country too so ensure you have a tipple or two before you leave.

As proven, Perth has so much to offer, so many people to meet, that it won’t matter that you’re on your own. Do what you want to do and see what you want to see and ensure you live the experience to the fullest.

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