Tips on How to be a Better Businessperson

There are university courses that teach business tactics and the fundamentals of what you need to know to operate a business successfully. The courses cover everything from managing a business’s finances, to marketing strategies, to how to create a sales team. But successful businesspeople like Robert Stefanowski know that for success in business much more is needed than what is taught in a university and often the things not taught are the key things that create success. Here is a list of a few of the things that all businesspeople need to master in order to have success in business.

Always make a plan

Planning is a necessary part of any business and businesspeople must know how to plan in order to create a roadmap for the company. The planning stage is when you get the chance to go through your ideas without having engaged major resources. You can find out any shortcomings in your ideas and fix them and fine tune plans so that they are most likely to bring you great results.

Focus on execution of company goals

This sounds obvious but too often business people do not make the hard decisions necessary to ensure that focus of the company is on executing. A good example is when firing employees. Too often people are not let go when they are incompetent or not able to excel at their jobs.

Perhaps it is a long time employee who was once very efficient but now cannot perform at the high level needed, but the boss feels an obligation to keep this employee at the company. As a result the company never meets its sales goals. This example is one where executing is not the company goal, there is a greater focus on being be generous.

Although generosity and loyalty are great characteristics for a company to have, they need to be balanced with the needs of the business to stay solvent. So things have to be focused on execution at a high level above everything else and company strategies must reflect this.

Always make the customer the priority

The number one priority for a good businessperson is to take care of your customers. Those who buy from your company are always important and need to be treated as such. And in this day and age where customers are more demanding and less loyal and competition can come locally or from anywhere in the world, you need to always treat your customers like you appreciate them.

This means being honest with them, providing great pricing and service, keeping in direct contact with them, and using tools like the Internet and social media to allow them to communicate with you immediately about any issues or problems they have. Also be prepared to make things up to them when you do not meet their expectations. Finally, you need to reward them for their patronage and loyalty by providing them with discounts and other loyalty based rewards.

Although business has changed dramatically over the past few decades, the things listed here have endured. If you want to be a better and more successful businessperson follow these tips.

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