What Students Need to Learn Most Today

It is a fast changing world and what students need to know in order to be successful is changing rapidly. For those teaching experts who are interested in preparing students for successful futures like Thomas Rollins teaching requires that the most current subjects and focus areas are pursued. Here are some of the key areas students need to master in order to be successful when they graduate.

How to Communicate Effectively

In the digital age there is the belief that interaction and communication will become less important for success in business and in life, but time continues to prove this false. Communication is a basic human trait and mastering it will get you much further. Communication to a boss, colleague, customer or partner is critical and students must learn to sharpen their communication skills to find gainful employment and happiness in life.

Critical Thinking

We live in a world where information comes quickly and environments move from stable to unstable overnight. The way to navigate these changes and stay relevant is with strong critical thinking. Critical thinking is the objective analysis of facts to form a judgment or opinion. This skill allows one to objectively look at something and draw a conclusion based on its merits rather than what we are being told about it or even what our feelings may be saying that it is. With the advent of the internet and social media platforms, there less of an emphasis on critical thinking, at a time when it is so sorely needed. So teaching students this vital skill is paramount.

Working in Groups              

Businesses are quickly moving from highly competitive business models to highly collaborative ones because this creates healthier and more productive workers. The psychology around this is a major shift but has taken hold and there is no doubt that things will not turn back. Students need to be taught how to fit into this new business environment, by understanding and experiencing these environments in school. Projects whose completion and success demand group input and collaboration are great examples of how schools can imprint these models on to students and insure they are aware and prepared of their having to work within these models once they leave school.


The world today is immersed in computer based technology in every area from business to personal to social. Computers have become so prevalent in fact, that it is hard to imagine our lives without them as constant companions. Because of this, a critical area for students is understanding impact of computer technology on our communities and ourselves as individuals. Students also need to be proficient in their use of technology. Many schools however have been slow to adopt new technologies and as a result students often are not as proficient as they should be when they go onto higher learning institutions or enter the workplace. This needs to change so students are fully prepared to compete internationally.

This is not intended to be a complete list of the things students need to learn, only a list of those things that are of critical importance and that need to be added into a standard school curriculum.


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