3 Benefits of Renting a Garbage Container

Every building produces waste. Whether you’re about to start a home-remodeling project or work at a manufacturing plant, almost everyone will find themselves producing a lot of waste at home or work at one time or another. A garbage container rental in Montreal will facilitate garbage storage and removal, and is well worth considering in many situations. Here are some of the top benefits of this rental.

1.        Area Safety

Exposed debris can present serious hazards to individuals walking around the worksite. Piles of waste can attract pests, which can use the debris as a nesting site. The garbage could pose a tripping hazard and increase the risk of employee injury. If an employee or a passing pedestrian gets injured because of debris that was left out, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for negligence.

2.        Minimize Landfill Trips

A large dumpster can hold a lot of waste — and better still, once the dumpster is full, the rental company can come to your location to empty it out and dispose of your waste for you. This is a far more efficient method than if you were taking waste to the landfill on your own.


Even if you have a larger pickup truck, you would likely need to make several trips to dispose of everything. There is also the risk of showing up at a landfill only to discover that some of your items are not allowed at that particular location. Some landfills also require you to obtain a permit prior to dumping.


By letting a professional take care of waste removal, you’ll ultimately save time and money. You’ll even save money on gas by eliminating landfill trips!

3.        Compliance & Efficiency

For many businesses and construction projects, an on-site garbage container is required by local regulations. Keeping a dumpster on-site will help you avoid any fines or penalties. Even more importantly, however, it will help your team perform their best.


Keeping waste out of the way will ensure that your workers have plenty of room to navigate as they take care of their daily tasks. When workers don’t need to worry about how to dispose of waste, they will also work faster and more effectively, with more energy focused on their primary responsibilities.


A garbage container rental may not seem particularly exciting, but there is no denying the important impact it will have for your home or business. With smarter and more efficient waste disposal, you will be able to help the environment and your finances.

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