4 Ways to Help the Environment that You Can Start Doing Today

We all want to leave a better world for our children and our grandchildren someday. But this requires more than us just talking about it. We must take action to improve the environment otherwise it will keep deteriorating more and more every day. Here are a few simple ways all of us can start making that important change today.

Give Up Plastic Bottles

There are over 50 billion plastic water bottles produced every year in the United States alone. Just a small portion of these bottles find their way to a recycling center. The rest end up in landfills or just polluting the environment. The worst part is that these plastic bottles take over a thousand years to decompose on their own. That means that same plastic water bottle in the ditch you drive by every day will still be there long after you have left this world. Instead of just making more of a commitment to getting these recycled, use less of them as well. After all, you can get filtered water out of just about every faucet with the right attachment on it. There is no need to spend a premium for bottled water anyway.

Recycle Rainwater

When your yard hasn’t received any rain lately, the first thing you do is turn on the sprinklers for a few hours. Instead of using a dwindling water supply, install a rain barrel and attach it to your gutters. You can save up rainwater and then use it as you need it instead of ever having to turn on your sprinklers.

Recycle As Much As You Can

We all know we can recycle ordinary things like plastic, paper, and things like that. But there is much more that you can recycle if you make the effort. For one, you can recycle light bulbs of all shapes and sizes. It may take a bit of work to deliver them to the recycling center, but you can start a bulb recycling program and include your friends and neighbors. If you each take turns transporting the bulbs, you might only have to make the delivery once a year or so.

Carpool When Possible

When you carpool, you are not just saving fuel and keeping extra exhaust out of the air, but you are freeing up the roads from more traffic. Carpooling is the gift that just keeps on giving!

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