5 Steps to Extended Lithium-ion Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries have become a power source for many portable devices, from our iPhones, Android tablets and smartphoned to power tools and electric cars. However, in recent years due to developments in smartphone features and displays, many lithium-ion batteries have been pushed to their limit causing power to dwindle more quickly.

As the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion cells and packs Steatite Batteries offer their top tips on extending the life of your battery so you can get more from your favourite gadgets and devices.


1. Always store at room temperature

Lithium-ion batteries are particularly prone to aging and must be stored carefully to ensure longer service and shelf life as well as prevent battery breakdown and damage. The optimum temperature for lithium-ion batteries is between 20°C and 25°C, storing at room temperature will keep your battery in the very best condition, whether it is in use or not.

2. Keep your battery in the shade

Beware of exposing your battery to elevated temperatures or direct sunlight as this can cause deterioration. Hot cars are a common culprit for poor battery condition as many users don’t think twice about leaving their phone on the dashboard while driving. Keep your phone and lithium-ion battery in the shade at all times to prevent breakdown and diminishing battery life.

3. Avoid full discharges

The charging requirements vary from battery to battery, and where some products thrive from full discharges, this should be avoided with the lithium-ion battery as this technology does not have a charge memory.

Instead of full discharges, use partial discharges, only after 30 charges is it recommended that you fully discharge a lithium-ion battery to assist with the calibration of your device’s power gauge.

4. Don’t keep it connected to the mains

Whilst full discharges are not recommended for Li-ion batteries, keeping your devices plugged into the mains at all times is also particularly damaging, which is easily done with laptops and tablet devices. Once your device has reached full charge unplug and allow for a partial discharge before returning it to the mains.

5. Store your batteries carefully for long periods

If you intend to store your Li-ion battery for a long period of time, then it’s not just the room temperature golden rule that you must follow. To keep your battery in prime condition store in a cool, dry place at 40% charge.



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