Activities to get up to while in Sydney

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Sydney maybe you have researched vacation homes in Sydney or a few other important aspects of your visit such as the weather and how to get around by public transport. These are obviously all very important pieces of information for any trip, however, one thing many people overlook though is the countless activities you can get up to in the city outside of the normal suggestions. Any visitor to Sydney knows you can go to the beach, eat some nice food in Darling harbour and check out the Opera house, but there is so much more that you can get up to. As a major city and holiday destination for the young and old, Sydney has plenty to offer everyone from relaxing strolls, to adventurous excursions over the city, here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best activities to get up to in Sydney that is a little outside the norm.

Go whale watching:

Although a seasonal activity, Whale watching is becoming ever more popular in Sydney as people get a chance to glimpse several different species of whale and dolphins as they pass off the coast. Most of the companies will depart from Darling harbour and they bring you through Sydney harbour and out to the open ocean where you will search for these amazing creatures.

You have a choice of a faster trip which lasts two hours on an open speed boat or a slower cruise on one of the larger ships. The itinerary is almost identical between the companies which offer this service, the only risk is the chance of whales not showing up. If this does occur many companies offer the opportunity to take a return journey for free.

Before you book, check online how regular sightings have been in the past few days and the upcoming weather as both of these will affect your chances of spotting anything in the water.

Pilot a plane over the city skyline:

A small number of private aircraft companies offer you the opportunity to take a flight over Sydney in one of their small aircraft. You can either go as a passenger or take hold of the controls for a short time as you fly over the city and the harbour getting arguably some of the best views possible, if not the best.

Most flights last between 30 and 40 minutes and include some information about the history of the aircraft, the controls and the route you will be taking over the city. Many planes leave from Bankstown airport which is used mainly by private and semi-private companies. From here you will take off, fly towards Manly beach and then return, over Sydney harbour towards the airport.

An extremely exciting experience it isn’t for the impatient or the faint hearted as getting used to the controls can be near impossible in such a short time, although it is still extremely fun. Prices average around $200 which considering the experience is totally worth it.

Take surf lessons:

What better location to try your hand at surfing than at the world-famous Bondi beach. Ideal for beginners and those more advanced, the waters at Bondi usually allow for some great experiences in the water as you learn, or at least attempt to learn how to surf.

The teachers and trainers are all very qualified and experienced surfers with years of teaching in the waters off Sydney’s coast. You can train for a day or for a week depending on how much you truly want to learn, but it is an ideal way to spend a few hours of your day and meet some new people on this incredible beach.

Lessons last roughly an hour as it can be quite strenuous. This includes practice both in the water and on land as you practice swimming with the board, mounting it and riding the waves. Be patient as it generally isn’t a sport which comes naturally, but one which takes time and energy.

Climb the harbour bridge:

One of the more popular options on this list. This is not something to do if you have a fear of heights as the look down can be quite a life-changing for those with even a little fear.

Climbing Sydney harbour bridge offers you the most extreme view of Sydney harbour as you climb to the highest point possible and get a 360-degree view of Sydney and its amazing surroundings. You will see the city from a perspective that not many others get to and your view of the Sydney opera house will be something special to hold onto.

With only one company in operation, it is easy to book your climb as an individual or group. There are varying times in which climbs take place throughout the day, but the most popular time is for sunset, so this might take a little pre-booking. Take some more water and a lot of energy as climb can be quite tiring especially towards the top.

Afterwards, you and your group can enjoy some of the many amazing restaurants located in Darling Harbour or Circular Quay. After that walk, you will want a drink and some food to relax.

Hopefully, some of these options will spark an interest in doing something a little less ordinary on your vacation in Sydney. There are endless more opportunities, but these would get your heart racing.

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