Amazing rooms begin with amazing floors

When creating a truly amazing room, you start from the bottom up. Choose great floors for great rooms.

You might not look a lot at a floor when you enter a room. But the floor is the foundation for creating ambience, acoustics and atmosphere in a room, no matter the size of the room.

In this article, you will be presented to the qualities of great floors and the different variations of great hardwood floor.


Hardwood floors are the gold standard

When choosing your new floor, if you want it to be of the very highest quality, go for hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is both extremely durable and extremely pleasing to the eye.

The natural texture of the wood will accentuate the style of every room and give the room a pleasant, earthy feel to it.

Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles and patterns, which we will have a look at now.


A never dying classic: herringbone floors

The herringbone hardwood floor has been a symbol of high-quality floors for decades. The nicely arranged pattern, that has a certain delicacy to it, plays nicely with the sturdier and slightly rougher quality of the actual material, the wood.

Choose herringbone hardwood floors when you want to mix sturdy quality and delicate aesthetics.


Parquet floors

If you are not going for the herringbone hardwood flooring and you still want the sturdiness and quality of a hardwood floor, parquet floors is a safe choice. Parquet floors can be manufactured in a variety of styles and patterns, for example in a dynamic and structurally classic 2-strip wooden flooring that really brings out the straight lines of the room. The 2-strip variation can be advantageous in sports og dancing or yoga rooms, because the straight lines help the eyes navigate.

Another very stylish variant of the hardwood parquet floor is the hexparket flooring. Here, the wood Is presented in visually pleasing hexagons that really makes the room stand out.


Create a wonderful room with hardwood floors

Of course, the aesthetics of the floors greatly influence how the room is perceived. But when it comes to good floors, there are many more advantages than just looks.

The actual feel of the hardwood is of great importance when you move through the building. Hardwood will feel both sturdy and naturally responsive to your footsteps.

The hardwood floors will also contribute to creating nice acoustics that are not too noisy and not too muted either, perfectly balancing the sounds of the room.

There is no doubt that original hardwood floors are of superior quality and style to other kinds of floors and it is often the case, that when you have tried living with hardwood floors, you will never be satisfied with anything else ever again.

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