How Business Owners Can Get More Time In Their Day

I you are a small or medium sized business owner, it is more than likely that much of your day is spent doing the things that you are not really there to do. The problem when this happens is that it take you away from what you do best which is running the business itself. For example, it is not a restaurateur’s position to be dealing with human resources issues and for every minute spent on something like that, the restaurateur is sending less time checking on the customers, the waiting staff or the chefs.

No business can be successful and push for growth if the owner is caught up in the details and here are just a few ways in which you can get that time back in your day.

Software Solutions

Technology really can save the say when it comes to freeing up more of your time and there are many software solutions out there which can take some jobs off your hands. There is a plethora of options of you out there depending on what kind of business you have and you could look at things such as HR software, payroll software, accounting software, email archiving solutions or even software which can help you better manage your team. Don’t let your time at work take a hit because you weren’t ready to look for change, use software solutions so that you have more minutes and hours to spend doing what you are supposed to do.

Train Better

If your staff are not trained well enough then you could find yourself having to do their job for them. When this happens, you should not get angry or lose faith in your staff but instead, take them back to the beginning and ensure that they are fully trained in whatever the task is that you need them to do. There is a great difference between will and skill when it comes to your employees carrying out their jobs and if you have not given them the proper training, they will never be able to achieve what you are asking them to. Invest time in training and save time later on down the line.

Better Delegate

there is always the temptation in business that you know how to do things best and so that is what you do. The problem with this attitude is that once again, you are doing the job of someone else and given that there is nobody above you, no one is going to be doing your job for you in your absence. You must learn to confidently delegate jobs to the right people and be safe in the knowledge that they are going to achieve them. Much of leadership is about making the right decisions at the right time and when it comes to delegating tasks to your team, this area of leadership plays a huge role.


You may feel as though you have no time, but there are always ways to find it.

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