How to Take a Great Photo Every Time

Not everyone is photogenic. If you’re one of those people, you might run for cover whenever someone pulls out a camera. But when it’s time to design your own wedding invitations with photographs, you’ll need to get over your camera-shyness! Don’t worry. Try these tips to take a good picture every time.

1. Go Easy on the Makeup

You may be tempted to pile on layers of makeup to improve your photo image. But too much makeup poorly applied can have the opposite effect. The makeup tricks you use for work and nightlife could end up giving you an aged, tired or even comical look in a photograph. For a good photo, go for a light dusting of translucent powder over a thin layer of foundation. Cover blemishes with dabs of neutral-colored concealer. Skip the white concealer that you may use to cover dark spots under eyes. The camera will pick up any white areas on your face and highlight the flaws that you are trying to hide.

2. Laugh a Little

Did you know that celebrities who have to have their picture taken all the time share a little secret? If you give a light chuckle just before the camera clicks, your face will naturally lift with a smile, and your eyes will crinkle just enough. This is a trick that celebrities use all the time on the red carpet to appear natural and relaxed. They know that fake grins come across as forced and unflattering. It’s okay to smile with your mouth closed if you’re self-conscious about your teeth or smile. Many people look better when they smile with a closed mouth, so don’t be cajoled into “showing your teeth” if you don’t want to.

3. Relax a Lot

Candid shots are generally more flattering than posed photos, and they’re more interesting to look at, too. Try striking a candid pose by tilting your head to one side, looking at the other person in the photo shot, or gesturing with your hands. The more relaxed you are, the less stiff you’ll come across to the camera lens. One way to capture several candid shots to choose among for your wedding invitations is to set up a camera on a tripod across the room. Set the camera timer to start taking a series of photos in a few minutes. During that time, you and your betrothed can just move in a natural way, pretending that you don’t know your photo is being taken!

4. Look Up

Double chins are emphasized when you lean your head forward and look up into the camera. Instead, lift your chin ever so slightly so that you are looking a little bit down into the lens. This will elongate your neck and eliminate the possibility of the dreaded double chin picture. It will also make your eyelashes appear longer as the direction of your gaze shifts downward.

These four tips will ensure that you come out looking great in your wedding invitation photos. And, you’ll be able to have the confidence you need to take beautiful photos from here on out! Just remember to relax, go easy on the makeup, look up and laugh a little. Have fun with it!


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