John Bradberry – Great Career Choice If You Love Finance

I have always felt that the career choice which you make should be based on a  mixture of what you are good at and what you love. When I was deciding upon my career, that is exactly how I decided and it really served me well. I had many friend sin that time who decided to go for high paid, powerful jobs, or at least try for them. 15 years later I can honestly say that I made the smartest choice as man of my friends did get the jobs that they wanted, but they are miserable and wake up most Monday mornings with dread in their hearts, something which I never do.

It is for this reason that I want to discuss a particular line of work today, finance, and if this is something that you have a passion for then here are some jobs that you should consider.

Financial Advisor

People like John Bradberry are vital to the success of a businesses and individuals around the World who are looking to better look after their finances. If you have a great mind for finance and a comprehensive understanding of markets, their impacts and how you can best make money in a variety of markets then being a financial advisor could be the career for you. There is not an education per se that you will need to take, other than economics on the whole, as most companies have their own training structure for jobs like this.

Tax Accountant

Practically every business in the World relies heavily on a tax accountant to ensure that they are staying line with their obligations when it comes to tax. The world of taxation is a difficult thing to understand and it is for that reason that tax accountants are so highly sought after. You will have to study hard and pass 4 tax exams before you are allowed to practice as an accountant, once you have done so you will be responsible for ensuring that businesses pay the right amount of tax and that they are staying within their legal bounds.

Stock Broker

If you are looking for something a little more high octane then perhaps a stock broker is the position that you should be working towards. The job of a stock broker is to help their clients buy and sell on the stock market and to do this job you need to have a great understanding of how a variety of markets operate. As a stock broker you will need to be able to analyze huge amounts of data and be able to make accurate predictions and forecasts based on what the data that you have. You will need to be able to have a great amount of confidence as you will be advising people to gamble their money based on your advice. Stock broker salaries can be very high but when starting out you will be working long hours for little money.

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