Lloyd Claycomb – Best neighborhoods in Denver to call home

With a thriving job market, easy access to the peaks of the American Rockies, and relatively cheap housing despite recent steep increases in price, Denver is becoming a popular place for those looking for a vibrant place to live.

With amazing views to the west, unique shops, and inventive restaurants & bars, there are many neighborhoods within city limits which appeal to those looking for a rich life.

Lloyd Claycomb has been building in the Denver area for close to three decades. He has been involved in projects from the city center to the suburbs, so he knows the differences between all of its neighborhoods.

Below, we’ll list off several spots where Lloyd would be proud to own a home, and we think you would be too.


1) Congress Park


Have a family in tow? If you have kids to account for, but are looking for something a bit more exciting than a sleepy suburb, then Congress Park is what you’ll want to live.

The public schools here receive high marks from parents, the streets are lined with mature oak trees, and its commercial areas come with sought after retailers like Trader Joe’s, along with an assortment of independent boutiques, coffee shops, and craft breweries.


2) Hilltop


If you have the money to go high end, you’ll want to begin your house hunting in neighborhoods like Hilltop.

Centrally located with stately old homes, the average price of a residence in this area surged almost $200,000 to a cool million year-over-year.

As pricey as that sounds, the constrained inventory of houses on the Denver market and strong in-migration numbers means it is not unreasonable to expect home valuation to keep rising for the foreseeable future.

Like Congress Park, it features plenty of leafy mature trees, as well as access to Cranmer Park, which is one of Denver’s oldest and most beloved green spaces.


3) Hampden South


Those looking for an affordable starter home needn’t look for one on the outer asteroid belt of the Denver area, as there are plenty of residences for sale in the inner ring burb of Hampden South that won’t leave you house poor.

If you hold a job in the rapidly growing Denver Tech Center, you will have a blessedly short commute, as it is immediately adjacent to this newer neighborhood.

While those looking for unique architecture will be left wanting by the cookie-cutter style of some of its homes, it is easily made up for by stunning views of the Rockies.


4) City Park


If you are looking for a place to live in the city center, you might lament the fact that you may have to go without a backyard.


If you seek out this living arrangement in the Denver neighborhood of City Park, you won’t have to worry about this deficit, as you’ll have the entirety of the park that gives this place its name.

Not only that, but you’ll be a stroll away from City Park Jazz, the Denver Zoo, the Bluebird Theater, as well as a wide assortment of cafes, bars, and book stores.



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