Lloyd Claycomb – What Skills Do You Need If You Want to become a CEO

If you have dreams of one day following in the footsteps of Lloyd Claycomb, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and those other successful Chief Execs around the world then you are going to need to be made of a certain type of stuff. These jobs are some of the most important, aside from politicians, in the world and they do not just give them away to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Aside from the hard work that you will need to put in and the incredible business acumen which you’ll need to possess in order to gain a role such as that of a CEO, you will need a certain set of skills, let’s take a look.


The key skill amongst CEOs is the ability to lead, this is something that will of course grow over time as you gain more experience in business but it is also a skill which you will need to possess from the get go. Natural leadership is not something that we are all born with so you will need to work extremely hard on your leadership skills if you hope to be able to one day take on such a position.

Communication Skills

You ability to communicate with a wide variety of people is crucial to you role as a CEO and you must be able to convey a message with clarity and precision. Equally, you need to be able to listen when the time is right, as well as understanding who to listen to and when.


As the head of a huge company you will find yourself in many situations where you will need to be a strong negotiator. This is also a skill which can improve over time but you will need to have some natural instinct when it comes to striking a deal.

Team Building

The best CEOs and leaders around the world can be measured by the team which they have built around them and if you want to one day achieve this level of success, you will also need to be able to put together a strong team. The key to building a team is about putting people in place who can not only perform varying roles within a team setting, but also putting people together who can compliment each other and work as one as a team.


You must have a likable nature and be able to network well if you are looking to become a CEO one day. Friends in high places can help you greatly in your pursuit to get to the top of a company and your ability to create, build and maintain relationships throughout the business world will help you immeasurably in the future. Don’t think that you will need to be a monster in order to gain the position of CEO, there are times when it may come to that but in the main you will need to be likable and a strong builder of relationships.

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