Making Your New Dog Comfortable In Your Home

You just got a new doggie and are really concerned about them getting adjusted to your home. New surrounding are a challenge for any new animal and your wanting to make this experience smooth and comfortable for them shows how much you love your new family member.

So what can you do to make it feel like this is its new home? Here are some tips;

Purchase some Doggie Items

There are wonderful companies like Hello Doggie that make wonderful items for dogs that will make them feel right at home in your place.  These items include:

Doggie Bed: How about a soft and comfortable doggie bed made out of the most comfortable high end materials and perfectly fitted for its size? You can purchase a doggie bed in a range of sizes, colors and materials and have it delivered to your home.  

Doggie Blanket: Some dogs love soft blankets to lay on or snuggle up with during the day. It makes them feel comfortable and gives them a sense of belonging. Purchasing one will surely go a long way with your doggie. You can buy them in multiple sizes and in lots of different materials that dogs love.

Doggie Tank Top or Tee: Do you live in an area where ti gets cool or cold. Remembers that although dogs do have fur to protect them from the cold, some still do get cold especially if they are a short haired breed. For this reason you should consider burying the dog a tank top or tee. Like for humans, these clothes items slips over the head but convers the dog’s near entire body keeping it warm all through the day. You can purchase a plan one or get one that is fancy with lettering, gems, or rhinestones to make a fashion statement as you keep it warm.

Do Some Grooming

Some animals love to be pampered and therefore grooming it will be a stress-reducing exercise for it and you. You will have to take things slow and first use a medium firm bristle brush and brush it gently. If it respends positively, you can continue. Animals either locve this or not and you will know very quickly. If the response is the anumal wagging its tail or curling up close to you, then you know you have found a ritual that you can perform that it loves. You can try different types of bristles and see how it respodnds as well.

Another grooming ritual that it may find relaxing and enjoyable is giving ti a bath. Here you have to pay really goo d attention. Animals will tell you in they love or detest water by what happens when you start running the bath. If it runs and hides under the besd, it is not a fan of water. If it makes no movement to dahs away, it is rbably open to a nice soothing bath. If it is amenable, use this time to allow the aimal to relax in the tub or sink and get onfrtabl. This again is another ritual you can use to bond and cause calm. Be careful when you dry your god. Some are skittish of blow dryers. Also look to bothe trim its nails and even brush its teeth if it will allow you. If not, you may have to get all of these things professionally done.

Take your time with your new puppy. Some dogs get adjusted quick while others take some time but eventually all get comfortable in their new surroundings.

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