Must-Have Tools for Your Tool Box

Every man needs his own tool box with the basics. It is part of the process of becoming a man. Of course, you need a hammer, a screwdriver with attachments, a socket set, and things such as that. But there are a few items that you have probably not thought of for your tool box unless you have a complete set of tools already. Listed below are a few items to add to your tool box even if you are on a tight budget.


A Level

It is amazing how many times you will need a level even if you do not do construction for a living. Simple household projects go much smoother when a level is handy. Not only will it help you hang pictures and artwork quickly and efficiently, but it will determine if there is any slope to your walls or floors as your house ages. You will continue to find uses for your level as the years go by as well.


Tape Measure

It is hard to comprehend. There never seems to be a tape measure around when you need one. Who knew when you were in school that you would literally use a tape measure just about every week for the rest of your life when you became an adult? Whether you are using it to measure your children or figuring out where the middle of your bedroom wall is, a tape measure is needed for certain in your tool box.


Utility Knife

A good utility knife will pay off in spades as the years go by. You should have one of these in your tool box, your drawer in the kitchen with all of the odds and ends, and in your car as well. The number of times you will be using your utility knife will be astounding. Plus, in this day and age, with online shopping becoming the norm, you will need a utility knife to open all of those boxes arriving in your mailbox. This is why you should use cutting tools for a better effect and have a handy utility knife in your tool box to make your life a bit easier.


Super Glue

For those items that you just can’t seem to fix right, a little super glue can go a long way to repairing things that you thought were unfixable. Just be sure not to get any on your fingers otherwise you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

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