Pond Care and Maintenance For Beginners

If you’re interested in attracting wildlife to your garden, installing a pond is a great way to do this. Ponds can be wonderful homes for a variety of insects, fish, birds, amphibians and small animals, and look effective in many different sizes and styles of gardens. It’s important to keep your pond clean and well-maintained so that it can look its best all year round and the local wildlife can make appropriate use of it.

Water Loss from Your Pond

If your pond is losing water, check whether the edges of the pond are level. It may be overflowing and leaking into the garden at the pond’s lowest pond. If you have a lined pond, check whether the liner has slipped below the water level, as this may be to blame. Ponds that continue to leak should be drained and inspected. Remember to transfer fish and plants into an appropriate container beforehand, and hire an electric pump to use for the draining.

Water Quality

If you notice an increase in the growth of algae in your pond, this may be because the balance of plants and animal life in your pond has been disturbed. You can reduce the amount of sunlight that algae needs for survival by growing plants like water lilies to cover the surface of the pond. It’s important to remove dead leaves and flowers from your pond before they build up and create a layer of rotting matter. Oxygenating plants that absorb minerals and carbon dioxide will also help reduce the growth of algae in your pond.

Choosing a Pond Filter

A pond filter is essential for keeping the water clear and the aquatic life healthy. There are so many different pond filters available that it’s important to choose a model that’s tailored to your needs. Measure the volume of your pond before you start looking for filters, as this will allow you to exclude lots of options based on the size of the pond they are designed for. Think about where your pond is situated and whether you will need an internal or external pond filters. If it’s not easy to access your pond on all sides and your pond is part of a compact garden design, an internal filter is the better choice. Different filters require different levels of maintenance, and if you have expensive fish like Koi, you’ll need to choose a pricier filter than needs more general maintenance.


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