Robert Bassam Youtube – How to Get the Best of Any Used Car Salesman

You want to buy a used car and you know that this means going to a used car dealership and interacting with the salespeople. There may be a less desirable thing you have to do but at the moment you cannot think of what that could be. Used car salesmen have such a bad reputation that their names have become part of a cliché. The truth of the matter is that they can be really bad, but there are also many used car dealers, who take care of their customers and make sure that their salespeople treat them with respect and courtesy, in addition to getting them in the right car at the right price. For dealers like Robert Bassam youtube provides an opportunity for him to engage with customers and show how his dealership treats you special.

As the customer though, you need to be prepared because you are never sure about the car salesman until you are face to face. Here are some tips on how to turn the tables on a bad one:

Educate Yourself

Prepare yourself with all of the information about making a used car purchase that you can find online. There is so much information on the subject these days that you can spend months researching what factors should influence your buying decision. The key is to get broad range of information from several different sources so no matter what situation you encounter you will be prepared.

Narrow Your Options

Zero in on a few reputable dealerships to visit. You can go online and see their inventories and know whether they have the types of cars you want to purchase. Check their pricing, terms and added benefits. Finally, look at the customer reviews for the dealership. Good dealerships are proud to post what people are saying about them online. Read what people are saying about the initial purchase as well as the ongoing service and care that the dealership provides. Read more than a few to be sure you have an honest assessment of the dealership.

Following these two steps, prepares you to get ready to visit the dealerships. Once you are there you need to maintain specific behavior that will ensure you make a good purchase. When you settle on the car you actually want to purchase and are sitting with the salesman to close the deal, these are some key thing to remember and steps to follow:
Only negotiate the price of the car, not the monthly payment price: Car salesmen will often talk to you in terms of the payment you want to pay each month. They work to get you the most car for that payment and they can often get you much more car than you expected for a low price. This negotiating around the payment is deceptive however because you can end up paying way more for a car in spite of the fact that your monthly payments are lower. The proper approach is to combine all of the available incentives, sales and rebates on the car you want and then calculate how long a term and at what interest rate is available to you. This will tell you if the car you are looking at is one you should purchase from a financial standpoint.
Review the invoice and be prepared to negotiate further: The dealer invoice will contain all sorts of fees that are related to and included in the purchase price of the vehicle. You should review these fees, and decide which ones you think are fair and not and discuss with the salesperson which ones you feel comfortable with paying and which ones you do not. This will be a process and may require some give and take but be prepared to be firm about your positions.

Remember that at any time you feel unsatisfied, you can get up and leave. People sometimes forget this and find themselves browbeaten into a purchase they do not want.

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