Summer Dreaming

With summer just around the corner everyone is getting into the swing of things with the sunny weather encouraging us all to be outdoors more, socialise more and make use of our local parks and green spaces. And all this sunshine, green grass and flowers blooming makes most of us look forward to our next break and this time it’s the big one: it’s the summer holidays. Whilst everyone looks forward to a summer break away, quite often for young families it can also be a bit of a stressful or anxious time.

Perhaps it’s the first time away from home with young children or your first time abroad? Whatever the reason for your pre-holiday nerves, sooth them and relax with our top tips for young families.

Activity Planning

Consider the types of activities that you are going to do on your holiday. Are you going to complete activities as a family or will some activities be completed independently? Will children be supervised as part of a kids club or are you planning on staying together throughout? Popular family activities include cycling, walking and swimming but remember to prepare yourself thoroughly for each one if you are planning to partake in these activities.

For example, swimming is great fun when the weather is warm enough to swim outside and often really makes a holiday for both parents and children alike. However young children may need extra support such as lessons, buoyancy support or goggles to help them enjoy their time safely. Sites like have a whole range of different swimming accessories that will help parents have peace of mind and children really enjoy their swimming experience.

Plan B

Have a Plan B just in case it all goes wrong. It is very unlikely that this plan will need to be enforced or even thought about past this initial planning stage but it is really important that you have something in place just in case. Maybe your Plan B is to stay with your parents for a few days instead or to return home and simply day trip? The Plan B will be different for every family as every family will have different weak points and different anxieties so think about what it is that you and your family might need and how you could get it if the time arises that plan b is needed.

Most importantly once you are wherever you are going and doing whatever it is that you are going to be doing, try and relax and enjoy yourself. If you do, then everyone else will to.

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