Super Safety Tips for Driving a Moped Abroad

Mopeds are an incredibly popular mode of transport for people travelling abroad. They’re cheap to hire and run and can be used by younger people as well as adults, which almost makes them the perfect vehicle for nipping about town or visiting harder-to-access destination hotspots.

But mopeds aren’t just fun; they’re also dangerous too and if you drive a moped improperly, or aren’t aware of the rules of the road, you can quickly find yourself getting into trouble.

Learn the Highway Code for Your Destination

If you’re planning on renting a moped whilst on holiday the first thing you should is learn the rules of the road. Each county’s rules will be slightly different, and knowing them might mean the difference between you having an enjoyable holiday or ending up being prosecuted for breaking the law. Worse still, not having a good grasp of the rules of the road could lead to a dangerous situation in which you or others could wind up seriously hurt or even dead.

Think Twice Before Letting Kids Drive

Even though, in many countries, younger teens are allowed to ride mopeds, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should let them. Younger teens don’t have fully developed reflexes and are more likely to get into trouble if driving alone. If you’re not planning on travelling any great distance from the area in which you’re staying, there’s no reason why younger teens can’t be satisfied with skateboards or scooters for getting about on.

Learn About Your Moped

Staying safe on a moped means learning how it works. Serious leg burns are a common injury amongst tourist moped riders who haven’t bothered to learn that the exhaust pipe heats up with the vehicle is being used. If you know how your moped works you will be able to use it safely and keep yourself out of danger. It might also make a difference if you find yourself in a dangerous situation and need to react quickly.

Wear Safety Clothing

Wearing protective clothing is perhaps the most important rule of all, but it’s also the one which is most often overlooked. Sure, riding around in the sunshine in a pair of shorts and tank top might feel nice, but if you come off a moped and crack your head on the road there’s a good chance you won’t wake up from it. Always wear a helmet, and preferable protective clothing as well.


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