The best neighborhoods in Montreal if you want to move in

There are many reasons why you would want to move in Montreal: many activities, welcoming people, great museums, cute little stores and cafes, it’s mostly bilingual, cheap rents, etc. This city is pretty perfect, so it’s totally normal that you want to move in, but you may fear to take this big step for many reasons. One of them is that Montreal is pretty big and you may not know where exactly you’ll be the happiest.  Here are some characteristics of the most popular neighborhoods. As for your other possible concerns, us immigration lawyer in Montreal can give you pieces of advice.

Plateau / Mile-End


The Plateau is one the most popular area in the city. Mile-end is part of the plateau and is popular for its young and artsy vibe. Plateau offers many bars, cafes, shops, clubs, restaurants, parks and its welcoming ambiance. It is also known to be filled with French people, but we get why, it is a great area. Rents are often charming and it is close to downtown and many schools such as UQÀM and it’s still calm enough so you can sleep at night. You’ll be able to find cheap rents if you’re willing to be a bit far from the subway and with roommates. But if you really want to be alone, near a subway, you’ll struggle to find something affordable.

Rosemont / Villeray


These areas are a bit further from downtown than the other one but offers lots of advantages. First, these are more adapted to families. There are many facilities for kids and other families in Rosemont and Villeray. The rents are way cheaper so you’ll probably be able to find a cute spacious place near a metro station. You’ll still be able to find good restaurants, shops, parks and cafes that might be hidden in small residential streets. In Rosemont, you’ll also find the Jean-talon market which is pretty famous for its large selection of merchants and restaurants and its friendly ambiance.

Homa / Saint-Henri


Few years ago, these two areas wouldn’t have figured in a list of the best Montreal areas to move in. But they got a lot better in the past few years and are now pretty popular. Both of them are few subway stops away from downtown and offers pretty cheap rents. Actually, rents are getting more and more expensive in Saint-Henri as the neighborhood is growing, but as on the plateau, you’ll be able to find something cute and cheap if you’re open to be with roommates a bit far from the subway. These two areas are filled with students and younger people, so the vibe is great and you’ll also find many great shops and parks to hang out with friends.

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