These Hobbies Rock!

Rock and Roll Guitar

The rock and roll guitar is the coolest instrument in the world and learning to play it will automatically give you your cool card. So find a great teacher like Tom Hess and have him teach you the basics of making it scream and playing power chords.

Perhaps the best thing about learning rock guitar is your will be able to play your favorite songs for your friends. But be prepared to put in the time because getting proficient at a rock axe takes time, patience and a desire to want to rock.

And, you can choose from several types of iconic instruments from the Fender Stratocaster’s pleasing squeal, to the Gibson Les Paul’s warm and rich tone. Either way, you will be sure to have a great time and find the perfect way to let off some steam and get your creativity flowing.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of today’s fastest growing hobbies, pitting man, his tools and skills against the Earth’s natural rock formations. All around the globe, climbers are engaged in reaching the tops of mountains and hills to show they have the skills and the tenacity to be a climber. And climbing classes have spring up everywhere.

South American has seen a huge spike in climbing. Grab a flight to San Carlos de Baliloche and prepare for a long ride to the Chubut area of Argentina where you will see the Piedra Parada rock climbing area, which is a protuberance of rock 260m high, piercing up high in the air in the middle of a vast and desolate mesa. It mesmerizes watchers and calls adventurers to come climb.

The main ascent is a huge stone, which previously formed the wall of a volcano. This prototypical climb base is abutted by the Chubut River and offers the perfect background to enjoy walking and gorgeous panoramic sights.

Piedra Parada has several climbing areas with various degrees of risk to accommodate all levels of climbers. The first one is called Sueño Lento reaches 240 meters of height. The second one is known as Big Bang and leads to 248 meters with a higher degree of difficulty. The third and most technically difficult climb is called. The climb has ben called exhilarating, so grab your gear and get here!

Rock Collecting

Rock collecting is much more popular than you might think with kids and adults collecting rocks in every city on every continent. The hobby usually starts with someone collecting rocks in their own neighborhood and then leads to field trips to find certain rocks. Once you have determined you want to start a rock collection, the first thing you must do is decide what you want to collect.

Rocks are classified into three groups; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Anyone who wishes to collect rocks should become familiar with the characteristics of these three rock groups. A good rock collection consists of designated, archetypal, correctly labeled specimens. The collection can be as large or as small as its owner wishes and can grow to any size and at any speed.

An active collector constantly improves his collection as specimens are added or as poor specimens are replaced by better ones. These steps are helpful in training the eye to see diagnostic and individualistic features of rocks. As you become more familiar with collecting methods and with geology, the collection will probably take one of two directions. You may try either to collect as many different types of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks as possible or to collect all the related kinds of rocks from your own particular area. The key to being a good collector is curiosity and good organization skills.


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