Ways bad employees can damage your organization

Star employees can be hard to find – this means other slots in your company will inevitably have to be filled by people with various warts in order for it to function. That’s just reality.

However, some workers can be so toxic that they should never be considered for an opening, no matter how well-connected they are to that old fraternity buddy of yours.

Many companies have had to install user behavior analytics tools on their networks after former employees had engaged in nefarious behavior on their private servers.

Other bad employees have caused talent to leave companies in droves, while other businesses spent buckets of money on substandard employees, only to realize next to no ROI for their trouble.

As you can see, it is important to avoid hiring bad employees. Below, we will go into detail on why you cannot tolerate having them in your organization.

1) They can leak sensitive information to cyber criminals

This is one of the more worrying aspects of having toxic employees in your organization. If you don’t handle them with kid gloves, their egos get bruised easily.

When this happens, they often seek out ways to even the score. Often, this takes the form of passive aggressive acts that are deliberately crafted to get under the skin of their target.

When they really feel slighted, however, they might feel the need to go ‘nuclear’ by leaking info to a competitor or a malicious actor who could eventually bring down the company.

This makes disciplinary action or firing them a tremendously risky act, so it is best not to hire these people in the first place.

2) They force talent to speak to them

Bad employees don’t view the hiring of talent as an opportunity to up their game or achieve great things through synergy: they view these individuals as a threat to their primacy.

As a result, these people hold up progress by stifling the innovation that your newly hired ‘A’ players are trying to bring to your workplace.

As soon as you recognize this situation, get them to smarten up ASAP or fire them, as they will continue to act as a bottleneck to growth as long as they and their entitled attitude remains in your organization.

3) They drag down everyone around them

Bad employees are predominately pessimistic. They’ll claim they are being realistic, but since when has any company achieved extraordinary things by being ‘realistic’?

Their ‘Debbie Downer’ act can spread like the plague if it is allowed to go on for too long. Being pragmatic is important in business, but being excessively pessimistic because you fear failure is a loser trait you’ll want to root out of your organization ASAP.

4) They can damage your brand through their behavior

Being professional while on the job is vitally important to ensuring good relations between businesses, colleagues, and customers.

When one of your employees breaks this code to go on a self-righteous rant on how the customer isn’t always right or to give a difficult client a piece of their mind, it can have serious knock-on effects for your brand.

Screen carefully for unprofessional behavior traits during the interview process, discipline swiftly for violations when they are encountered, and don’t hesitate to cut loose those who refuse to learn their lesson.

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