Where to Start With Popular Collectables

Everyone has a hobby. Some people like running. Others prefer playing music. Still others like to collect items related to a special interest that they have. Indeed, individuals from around the world have collected items of interest for thousands of years. Whether you wish to collect items for personal display or to serve as a long-term investment, perhaps the hardest part of collecting is getting started! Here are a few simple tips for getting started with some classic collectables.


Diecast Models

Many individuals enjoy collecting diecast model cars to incorporate as part of a model train setup. Other enjoy collecting models of their favorite vehicles to display in the home or office. If you prefer collectable diecast, the best way to find rare vehicles is online or at a specialized warehouse. Such locations tend to have a wide-ranging selection, and many host auctions to sell particularly rare models.



With email largely replacing written communication, starting a stamp collection may seem like a daunting task. However, you can still get started with your own collection by buying packets from hobby stores or visiting a specialized stamp dealer. When the post office issues a collectable or commemorative stamp, be sure to visit so you can buy some for your own collection. If you’re interested in collecting international stamps, you should find a pen pan to exchange letters with!


Natural Objects

Seashells, rocks, and fossils are popular collectibles, both for their natural beauty and the possibility of finding a rare and unique specimen. To start your collection, you’ll have to go outside — but online resources can provide a handy list of places where you’ll be most likely to find quality specimens. Check rock hounding and shell collecting guides so you can plan your trips to include the right stops.


Antiques & Vintage Items

Whether you’re interested in old-fashioned furniture or travel posters, antiques and vintage items remain consistently popular. Generally speaking, an “antique” is any item that is at least 100 years old. “Vintage” items are relatively old and no longer manufactured, but have not quite reached antique status. Visiting a local antique store or thrift shop is a great way to find some unique treasures.


Parting Thoughts

No matter what type of items you wish to acquire, collecting can prove an exciting hobby as you seek out rare finds, acquire them for your own collection, and find a way to display or organize them. With the internet, it has become easier than ever to find fellow enthusiasts and rare items — so you can get started today!

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