Why Do Doctors Earn So Much?

I spend a great deal of my time inside schools talking with kids about career choices which they have in front of them. I can tell you that there is never a boring moment with the kids that I see and some of the ambitions, dreams and questions that the kids have are absolutely incredible. Today I want to talk about a question which a young girl asked me a few weeks ago when we were talking about doctors and how impressive medical professionals like Jonathan Lauter MD managed to gain the position which they are in. During the debate, a girl asked me why doctors earned so much money, a fair point I thought.

Doctors and medical professionals are the highest earners, aside from CEOs, in the country and if you ever wondered why indeed they earn so much money, I’m going to tell you.

Reward For Hard Work

From the moment that someone decides that they wish to be a doctor, they must study an incredible amount and work tirelessly to achieve excellent grades right the way through their education. In college, studying doctors cannot afford to take a day out of class, they cannot arrive to class with a hangover and they most certainly cannot relax a little in the first two years and then apply themselves afterwards. Doctors must study extremely hard throughout their education, including the 4 years which they spend in med school and they need to work even harder once they have attained their licence to practice medicine. For the sheer volume of hard work which doctors need to put in, they are handsomely rewarded financially.

Saving Lives

The fact that doctors have the knowledge and the skills to change and save people’s lives is yet another reason why they are so well paid. Doctors are the only people on the planet with an ability to bring someone back from death, to treat someone with a life-threatening disease and the knowledge with which to teach others how they can live a healthier life and stave off death for years to come. This unique ability to save someone from death is also why doctors receive such a large salary and we should be more than happy to pay these wonderful men and women whatever it takes to help them to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Forefront of Discovery

Doctors must study at all times, new treatments, cures and technological advancements are arriving almost daily and a doctor must have their finger on the pulse and be able to learn quickly about new ways of working and new ways of treating patients. Without this level of commitment and dedication to their patients, doctors could not complete their job in the way that they do and for this reason they are paid incredibly well.

In my view doctors more than deserve the money which they receive and not only does this reward the doctors that we currently have, it also inspires more and more people to become doctors.

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