Why You Should Consider Moving to Montreal’s West Island

Montreal’s West Island is the perfect spot for whole families and even individuals that are tired of the busy city life or for those that don’t want to live out in the wilderness. It is the perfect in-between for the city and the country. It is perhaps Canada’s best kept secret for many reasons. Below is a list of arguments why moving to the West Island could be your best chance at finding the perfect place to call home.

Money, Money, Money

The cost of living is relatively cheap in the West Island when compared to living in the city. You can rent extremely nice two to three-bedroom apartments for only a thousand dollars. In addition, prices are lower at restaurants and coffee shops than anywhere in the city. If you are considering buying a place, there are condos for sale in Montreal’s West Island that will leave you ready to make the jump.

The Environment

While the West Island does have the city feel in some sections, it also provides enough green land that will make you feel like you are on a farm or in the forest. If you like to go hiking or romp around in a field with your dog, you will be in luck if you choose to live in the West Island area.

Community Social Life

The city can be a cold place now and then. Just passing by someone on the sidewalk and saying hello will often get you an icy look back in return. That’s no fun for the friendly people out there. West Island has the small-town feel and constant social events so you will get the chance to meet your neighbors and make new friends. Plus, there are sports leagues around the area that will have you busy playing soccer or anything else that interests you.

Better Schools

If you have your family’s interests in mind, consider moving to the West Island for the best school system. There is nothing wrong with city schools if you are only interested as being a number in the classroom, but if you want your kids to be known as more of an individual, then the West Island can offer you this opportunity.

Laid Back Lifestyle

Leave the hustle and the bustle of the city life behind and still have modern necessities by considering the West Island. The fast-paced environment of the city can leave a person feeling full of stress and ready to explode. Take a deep breath instead and choose a place to live that is more in tune with your personality.




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